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“Proud to say that my 3 different employers (over the last 6 years) have endorsed the Central Coast Sports Broadcasts into 2 different high school in the Tri-County Area.  Broadcasts are extremely community minded with local business interviews; referrals both in and out of country and utilizing the amazing talents (on-air) of the school’s alumni ( my son is a broadcaster for CCS).   The “homespun” approach really hits home with the listener. Many times a local grower will come up to me and say, “ hey, I heard your add on CCS the other night, how can we get involved.” The schools really gets the majority of the pub as well. How cool is it for a 17 year old athlete to get interviewed on the radio after a football or basketball game. CCS also thinks about Women’s sports as well, offering many women’s basketball broadcasts throughout the year.  Kudos to the tremendous job from CCS.” 

Mark Clifton - Netafim

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